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Women's Circle

For all upcoming Women's Circles please see the Events page or click here.

Women's Circle is a safe space for women from all different backgrounds, upbringings and beliefs to connect, support and empower each other through play and creativity while strengthening the connection of sisterhood in your life. A place where you can leave your 'label's' behind and honour your unique self without judgement while taking a journey on your own personal development path. It is a time put aside to nurture and nourish the woman, time to commit to your true authentic self so you can live your life the way you desire.If you don't love and honour yourself with every fibre of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life then it is time for an inner revolution, it is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.My intention is to allow each person to embrace their uniqueness, be comfortable with who you are and continue to grow and be the best version of 'You'


Why I Am Inspired to Create Women's Circles

So women recognise that they are not alone and know they can empower each other

To set aside a time and place where women can celebrate, nurture and replenish themselves

So every woman receives support and empowerment to live her own unique life to the fullest

To have fun delving into who you truly are without all the distractions while being supported and encouraged

To laugh, dance, journal and create so you can grow at your own pace in your own direction

To learn tools to release limiting beliefs

To connect to the earth, self and higher wisdom energies

To be a part of a sisterhood

Some Things I Like to Incorporate Into Each Circle

Women's Circle is a deeply personal process which each facilitator will bring their own unique attributes, I incorporate modalities that I am passionate about, which are:

Essential oils
Nature's elements
Cards - Intention cards
Angel cards
Positive affirmations
Positive Vibes



are all held in Beaconsfield Upper

on nominated Sundays @ 7pm - 8.45pm
$25 per session

All information for upcoming Women's Circles can be found on the Events page


healing crystals resized.jpg

Just finished the last Women's Circle and feel sad it's over, have loved to connect with such lovely women. 

Sharon did an amazing job of bringing us together to discuss and talk about real topics that affect us all in a relaxed fun environment with no pressure to be anything but ourselves..

Also lots of laughs and fun activities.    

I would do another one with Sharon again tomorrow.

Sarah S


Each time women gather in circles with each other,

the world heals a little more.

We rise by uplifting others.


Due to the nature of the service, we only have the capacity to assist women at this stage.

We thank you for your understanding and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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