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Upcoming Events

   'Rising Above'  Art Workshop
Saturday 17th February, 2024  @ 10am - 4pm

Sharon & Jenny are very excited to offer you a relaxing day to create your own canvas painting masterpiece ‘Blackbird’.  The symbolism of the Blackbird represents strength, power & protection. You will be professionally guided to create your artwork in 3 stages as you allow your unique story to unfold.

Remembering:   Memories of the past
Recognise:  Acknowledge your present
Rising:  Manifest for the future
During the day we will spend time connecting with ourselves and supporting each other through meditation, play and creativity.
When women gather in an intentional, safe and sacred way the power of love and appreciation for everything becomes abundant.

'Book Now' to read our Bio's and what to expect on the day.

Womens Circle
A Spiritual Lighthouse
Sunday 18th. February, 2024 @ 7pm - 8:45pm

A lighthouse represents strength, guidance, and hope in the face of adversity. By exploring the symbolism of lighthouses and understanding their role in various cultures and beliefs, you can apply these lessons to your own life.

A lighthouse, standing tall against the elements, represents a powerful symbol of spiritual guidance, resilience, and hope. In the realm of spirituality, the lighthouse is often seen as an embodiment of inner strength and wisdom that can help individuals navigate through life’s challenges. This guiding light illuminates the path forward, offering clarity and direction when faced with uncertainty or adversity. The tower itself symbolizes stability and perseverance, reminding us that we too can withstand the storms of life.

The light emanating from the lighthouse also carries significant meaning. As a beacon of hope, it pierces the darkness, providing solace and comfort to those who feel lost or overwhelmed. This radiant light serves as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always a source of guidance and support available to us. Furthermore, the lighthouse’s unwavering presence teaches us the importance of consistency and steadfastness in our own lives, as we strive to remain grounded and focused on our goals.

Womens Day Retreat
Frequency Rising
Saturday 28th. October, 2023 @ 10am - 5.00pm

Join us in the beautiful surroundings of Upper Beaconsfield on the outskirts of Melbourne for an amazing Divine Feminine day retreat filled with sound healing, meditation and other creative activities to reset, embrace and nourish your Soul.
Under the energy of the Full Moon we will come together as one and anchor the new higher frequencies pouring in!  Gathering together and remembering our sacred Soul purpose, we will raise the vibration of Mother Earth and anchor into our bodies.
On this day you will allow yourself time to take a breath, to immerse yourself in the healing vibes, to connect with others, set new intentions and reclaim your inner wisdom.  
This is a great opportunity to make new connections with like-minded women, to recharge your life-force and experience a powerful and transforming Sound Healing under the Full Moon energy.


What to expect

  • a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing and respectful space

  • deep relaxation with Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, Buffalo drum and more

  • guided meditation into your heart and connecting to nature 

  • a beautiful creative activity for intention-setting and focus

  • self-healing tools for empowerment

  • a day of heart chakra connection, crystal reiki healing and high energy flow

Fully Booked

   Law of Attraction 
The Divine Design
Women's Circle - 3 week program

Wednesday's 11th,18th & 25th, October @ 10.30am - 2pm


The law of attraction is the most powerful natural law in the Universe, it is the catalyst that enables people to manifest what they want in life through their thoughts and emotions. 
While we can’t always control our emotions (and that is a natural part of life), our mindset does certainly impact our actions and can play a huge role in the Law of Attraction.  The Universal Law of Attraction focuses on the principle/belief that we have, and the ability to attract, everything into our lives whatever it is that we choose to focus on.  It uses the power of the mind and the frequency of emotions to transform thoughts into reality.  No matter where you were born, how you grew up, or your social class, the law of attraction is available to everyone.

Mindful Mandala Dot Painting Workshop
Wednesday 30th August @ 1.00pm - 3.00pm, Beaconsfield Upper
Friday 8th September @ 10am - 12noon, Outlook Community Centre, Pakenham


Looking for something relaxing to do? 
Unwind and get lost in the dots in this mandala painting workshop.
This workshop is a little different, enjoyable and is for beginners.  Each painting will turn out completely different from the next and you never know how it will go!  Mandal painting is considered to be a therapeutic art and reflects the artist's soul.  The circular designs symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected.  The mandala also represents spiritual journey within the individual viewer.
These classes are facilitated by myself who has no art qualifications or experience but thoroughly loves playing and creating with arts and crafts, i do however facilitate many workshops. 
On the day i will supply everything you require, except an apron, and create a safe and fun space, i will give you some basic instructions and from there using acrylic paints and your intuition you will create a personal piece of artwork to take home.

Fully Booked

Womens Circle
Wonder Woman
Sunday 10th September, 2023 @ 7pm - 8:45pm

Wonder Woman embodies the ultimate warrior with rare ease and grace: strong, physically and emotionally, and at peace with her power.  As she fights for justice and stands up for what is right, we are reminded of our own capacity for strength and courage.

Regrettably, many of us have grown up with limiting beliefs about what it means to be a woman - society has predetermined what qualifies as "ladylike" or "feminine."  All too often, our leadership attributes face scrutiny and disapproval, despite the adoration of these same qualities in men, such as tenacity and confidence.  Wonder Woman boldly dispels these restrictive attributes revealing that they are mere social limitations that can be overcome. She subtly empowers us to break free from the shackles allowing our authentic selves to shine.



What in your life is calling you when all the noise is silenced


Due to the nature of some of the services and the capacity, we may only be able to assist women with those services at this stage.

We thank you for your understanding and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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